SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat - Ceramic Coating - Waterless Car Wash & Wax - Paint Sealant Detail Protection


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  • ADVANCED FORMULA 3 IN 1. Our fortify quick coat is your all in one ceramic coating hydrophobic spray. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat car wax provides a waterless wash, coat and shine, all in one convenient product.
  • NO STREAKING, SMEARING OR SCRATCHING. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat premium formula ceramic car coating is a gentle and effective car polish for any vehicle! Get a clean, shiny finish without hurting your car's paint.
  • CUTS DIRT, GRIME & GREASE. Our Quick Coat ceramic wax car sealant eliminates dirt, grime & grease instantly! Our signature 3-in-1 formula gives you a waterless car wash, coat and shine for a clean, showcase look.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES. Use this car wax spray on automobiles, boats, motorbikes, RVs, four wheelers and more! This spray wax is the perfect blend of surfactants and SiO2 ceramic-coating science.
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCTS. This means superior shine for your cars! Our ceramic quick coat also works as a sealer to give your vehicle a clear shield of protection while also providing a beautiful gloss. Our ceramic coat is the best hydrophobic car spray available!

Publisher: Shine Armor

Details: Our advanced 3 in 1 formula Fortify Quick Coat is an all in one hydrophobic spray. Car wax provides a waterless wash, coat and shine, all in one convenient product, with no streaking, smearing, or scratching the surface of your vehical. Our Fortify Quick Coat is gentle and effective, and cuts dirt and grease for a luminous finish. This signature 3-in-1 formula gives you a waterless car wash, coat and shine in just one quick and easy step. Shine Armour Fortify Quick Coat provides a hydrophobic seal that enhances and protects your car's exterior. Treat your whole car in under 15 minutes, with no residue or streaks left behind. Our Quick Coat is completely safe for all solid finishes including, paint, glass, chrome and plastic, and it provides a luminous finish and lasting protection. This Quick Coat is formulated using cutting edge technology to give you the very best, most brilliant shine. Made In The USA ✔ Safe for all solid finishes - Paint, Glass, Chrome, Plastic ✔ Long-lasting protection with a mirror like finish ✔ Easy to use spray-on/wipe-off application ✔ No buckets, no water, no mess, no hassles ✔ Lab Test Technology! ✔ No smears. No streaks. No scratches ✔ 20x stronger protection and lasts longer than other sealants ✔ Turn Back The Clock For A Brand New Car Shine! ✔ One 8oz Bottle = 1 month of ceramic wash, shine, and protection Get the best, waterless wash for your vehicles in just one step. Our Quick Coat provides shine and ultimate exterior protection that lasts 6-12 months. Get that brand new car shine. detailer, kit, products, meguiars, f11, auto, nano, lucas, care, detailing, black, adams, polishes, dry, waxes, automotive, f, tech, torque, mothers, cmx, f-, meguires, liquid, wheel, supplies, boat, coatings, produxa, waterdrops, leather, classic, nasiol, zr53, boost, diamond, headlight, r1, motorcycle, dualpolymer, simonize, waterproof, ultra, chemical, guys, deatiling, factor

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