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RUPES Bigfoot LHR15 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher - Premium Kit with Bag The Clean Garage


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Brand: RUPES


  • The brand new Mark III Generation Rupes LHR15
  • Long throw random orbital polisher premium kit with bag
  • See description below and picture for all included items

Publisher: Rupes

Details: KIT INCLUDES: (1) LHR15III Polisher (1) 5" backing plate (1)9.BFZEPHIR250 250ml coarse compound (1)9.BFKERAMIK250 250ml fine compound (2)9.BF150H coarse foam pad (2) 9.BF150M fine foam pad (2)9.BW150H coarse wool pad (2) 9.BW150M fine wool pad (1) 9.BF7001 Claw Pad tool (1) 9.Z1024 Cable Clamp, (1) 9.CCP808 Protective Sealant (1) LL150 paint inspection light (4) microfiber cloths, (1) 9.Z868 detailing apron (1)Semi-rigid BigFoot carrying bag Built to handle almost any detailing situation, the LHR 15 Mark III is the ultimate choice for detailing professionals who seek a balance of power and maneuverability. The ergonomic design allows for precise paint correction with complete comfort, including curved surfaces. The powerful motor delivers peak performance in the optimal OPM range and ideal performance through the entire speed range with the addition of a progressive trigger and retuned speed control.