Got Filthy Floor Mats In Your Vehicle? Stain Removal Secrets - by Waxplus Auto

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Here at Waxplus Auto we sometimes are asked what carpet & upholstery cleaning equipment  techniques we use. The question is valid and although we do have Steam Cleaning Equipment we don't necessarily need to use them in all cases simply because there are other methods of cleaning your vehicle's upholstery, fabric, carpets, and headliners such as with an interior "Foam Cleaning" method that are time saving and sustainable that we commonly use. We sometimes use a foam cleaner instead of traditional Steam Cleaning Equipment depending on the amount of soil. We have however leveraged the power of the foam cleaning method and keep Tuff Stuff in our arsenal at all times and have put our favorite Foam Cleaner Tuff Stuff to the test on many occasions and are always praised by our clients and amazed by the results ourselves.

Take a look at the "Before & After"

The Results Speak For Themselves!

Here Is The "SECRET" on how to remove those stubborn, nasty, dirty ugly and disgusting stains from your vehicles mats:  

You will need (1) Upholstery Brush, (1) can of Tuff Stuff (2) Terry Cloths  (*for heavily soiled carpets grab a bucket of water to rinse your terry cloth out while cleaning.)

Step #1. Vacuum the area thoroughly first where you will be using the foam (Removes all loose debris and make it much easier to clean)

Step #2. Spray Tuff Stuff directly on the affected area until product starts foaming. (Allow Cleaning Foam to sit on soiled area for at least 1 minute before touching you will start to see the dirt extract from the mat in the foam)


Step #3. Use Upholstery Brush in an Up & Down, Side to Side & Circular motion firmly on the floor mat or affected areas. 

Step #4. Fold (1)  Terry Cloth Into 4 sections and start rubbing the carpet back and forth up and down constantly turning the Terry cloth over to a cleaner side. (For heavily soiled mats place terry cloth in the water to wash and remove dirt from cloth, wring all the way out and continue to scrub the mat until the desired outcome and stains appear to be removed. 

Step #5. Fold (1) Clean & Dry Terry Cloth and proceed to rub out the remaining dirt and moisture flipping the towel frequently to a cleaner side each time till there is no more dirt on the clean side of the towel and the carpet is barely damp or almost dry. 

Step #6. Allow Mat to dry in the sun or with a carpet dryer before placing it back into your vehicle to prevent odor and mildew. 

Step #7. "Presto" Enjoy your "New Looking" Floor Mats

In the video below, we demonstrate the power of Tuff Stuff on a headliner that was heavily soiled by an unknown cause and got the mysterious stains right out, take a look!


We hope You enjoyed our secret methods! Below are the other above mentioned Vehicle Detailing Products you can find right on to clean your vehicle's mats and more, thanks for reading :)   


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